The best cafés to work from

How we select our digital nomad proof cafés

The best cafés to work from, how hard can it be to find them? Not hard at all! But it can be quite difficult to find a place that meets the needs of digital nomads, remote workers and location independent professionals! Let us describe the standards we have for selecting the perfect coffee-bars or cafés for digital nomads.

A café needs stable WiFi​

As important as water and oxygen, one entrepreneur on the road needs itself some proper WiFi. You don’t want to spend your day waiting for one e-mail to send or one post to upload to your website. Time is precious, so stable WiFi means more time to consciously enjoy that beautiful Latté and have that fenomenal lunch.

White Label Coffee
Coworking at White Label Coffee
Coworking Utrecht Broei
Coworking at BROEI café in Utrecht

Which brings me to: Coffee and food

A good cup of coffee is still such an underestimated luxury. Not only does it take the best ingredients, necessary elements are patience, love and serious barista skills. Our selection only come with the finest varieties of coffee’s. The same goes for the food available. The brains need energy and vitamins. We make sure that the menu’s of each selected venue include healthy, affordable and most importantly tasteful dishes.


Setting: enough chairs and tables to work from

All of the coffee-bars selected have plenty of spaces to work from, as well as enough tables and chairs. Some even have huge tables, where multiple people can work from at the same time, great for bonding and discussing! Some of our venues also have special ‘quite places’, with a work-only policy.


Power sockets

We’ve all been in the situation that you found the perfect place to work from, with the best views, the most incredible coffee, a meal to die for, you’re ready to take over the world! And then… your laptop dies on you and there is no available power socket. Don’t worry! We only select coffee-bars that have plenty of power sockets scattered around to juice up your office.

Vibe: work-minded

Sometimes it can be nice to know you’re not the only remote worker in the room. Seeing other people around you working as well and being focused, can be inspiring. Also a quick chat or even a small meeting can really help you stay motivated to make those extra few hours. We can’t guarantee, but we also strive for each venue to be overall silent enough to work from and concentrate, and that it’s not the local let’s-passionately-discuss-politics café.


Long-term stay cafés

There are places that, especially in the bigger cities and nomad hubs, make you feel like you are being looked away and you almost feel the urge to finish your sandwich on the street because you’re holding someone else’s seat. The venues that we’ve selected are all cool with the idea that you will stay there all day working. As long as you don’t bring an entire picknick basket along, you’re good to go!


Coffee and work at the Stationshuiskamer

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´Coworking is all about community, but I believe the ‘work’ part of coworking should be as attractive as the ‘co’ part.´ - Jerome Chang, founder of the first coworking space in Southern California

Check out the coffee shops that we have selected per destination below.