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Coworking at Roamwork

March 2022
– Chantal van Baalen
Pictures – Roamwork

Roamwork, a coworking space that really understood the assignment. The spaciously set up venue has a vibrant, modern and light atmosphere. It is centrally located in The Harrington building in the East city district, combining an industrial interior with lush flora and numerous pieces of artwork. The cherry on top are the gorgeous views of the city and Devils Peak. So withouth further ado, here is a review of coworking at Roamwork in Cape Town. Check it out guys, this is a precious one!


Welcome to Roamwork

Located in the East city district of Cape Town, in the innovative Harrington building Roamwork can be found. It lies within a few minutes walking distance from the city center and right between many eateries and bars. Also, this is an area that has become very safe over the years due to the increasing number of creative businesses and startups.

While arriving at The Harrington, the building that hosts Roamwork, I was sucked in by the impressive piece of string art that covers the main entrance. The quick and friendly sign-up at the reception desk was followed by a sincere ‘Welcome home Chantal’. Good start! I found my way to the second floor, all secured with codes, and was again welcomed by the lovely staff at the coffee bar. After a short tour of the venue I could choose any place to sit at and start my day.

Roamwork Office
Private office

"The cool part is, because of the set-up and the design every area has its own vibe, so there is a place that will fit everyone."

Desks at Roamwork

The entire floor of Roamwork consists of areas with hot-desks and designated desks, surrounded by private offices. All desks are large enough for all your equipment and most of them have power outlets. There are big shared tables to work at, desks with partitions for more privacy and high desks with bar stools. Also, there is even a balcony with gorgeous views and tables to work from. The seats range from comfy couches and lounge chairs to fairly simple but comfortable desk chairs. So the options are endless! The private offices range in size from 2 to 14 seats and can be completely styled by the companies’ taste. Whenever there is loadshedding, Roamwork got you covered with their strong generators.

Other rooms

Coworking space Roamwork offers different sized boardrooms, holding 4 to 16 people. All meeting rooms include presentation screens, aircon and even a personal barista to provide coffee and snacks. The venue offers noise proof phone booths as well as some chill out lounge areas to take a little break. Another unique feature is the Production Studio, aka ‘The Content Hub’. A studio to create content, stream and take creative pictures. It is possible to create your own content here or get the Special Effects Media South Africa team to assist you.

Coworking Roamwork Production Room
Production room

Roamwork vibes

Because of the many windows all around, the coworking spaces, especially the hot-desks are filled with natural light. Also the set-up feels very spacious and the simple but tasteful interior design create a relaxed vibe. Therefore even if the place is fully booked, it won’t feel crowded. The rather industrial design is combined with numerous plants and pieces of art on the walls throughout the building, which is always a good match. And the cool part is, because of the set-up and the design every area has its own vibe, so there is a place that will fit everyone. The friendly staff, likeminded coworkers and overall respectful vibe make it a very comfortable place to work at.

Roamwork services

At Roamwork, there is a lovely modern kitchen with complimentary tea, freshly brewed coffee and cold filtered water. For more sophisticated coffees and snacks, you can visit the indoor coffee bar. Walking outside of Roamwork there are numerous coffee bars and cafés to go for lunch or a little coffee break. The venue offers indoor showers to freshen up, bicycle parkings and lockers. A parking bay can also be rented.
Roamwork occasionally organises events and other smaller gatherings and brainstorm sessions to connect and inspire. As a member of Roamwork, you’ll get access to the members’ portal. Here you can get in touch with other members, manage your account and find upcoming events.


Roamwork offers different packages, ranging from daily hot-desk rates to monthly member rates. Members of Roamwork get 24-hour access to the coworking space Meeting rooms can be rented per hour and are even included with the private offices. There is also a possibility to choose the LetterBox plan, a service providing a registered business address that comes with a few nice extras.

Overall an impressively well managed coworking space. Roamwork really understood the assignment. So as far as I’m concerned the ‘Welcome home Chantal’ as I entered was a solid statement. Go check it out.

Coworking Roamwork Entrance

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