Coworking at Stationshuiskamer Rotterdam

Coworking at StationsHuiskamer Rotterdam

December, 2021
– Chantal van Baalen
Pictures – Chantal van Baalen, StationsHuiskamer

With over 20 venues in the Netherlands, the StationsHuiskamer (or Station Living Room) has become a well-known concept. Three of these venues are located at the larger train stations, providing room and facilities for those that need to wait a little longer while traveling. The StationsHuiskamer in Rotterdam is next to an awesome time-killing place also a perfect venue to get some work done. They make sure everyone feels at home from the moment you walk inside, just like walking into your own living room. Today we try out coworking at StationsHuiskamer in Rotterdam.

Welcome to StationsHuiskamer

Located in the big and modern central station of Rotterdam, the StationsHuiskamer is accessible from the train platform as well as directly from the entrance of the station. Peeking through the large windows outside you can already feel the coziness of the place. When walking in, the warm interior design, dim lights, comfy couches and friendly staff invite you to find a place and nest yourself for a couple of hours.

Coworking space at StationsHuiskamer

There are different kind of seats to take place. From the quiet small library and the large coworking tables, to the comfortable big sofas and chairs. There is a spot for everyone. Because of its location and broad variety of types of visitors, it can get a little crowded and noisy. But nothing that proper noise cancelling headphones can’t fix. The chairs at the desks are simple but comfortable. The tables are large and offer room for all your gadgets. There are plenty of power outlets and the large study tables even have their own built-in outlets.

Coworking at Stationshuiskamer Rotterdam
Coworking at StationsHuiskamer

"The perfect place to treat yourself
with a fine craft beer after working here"

Vibes at StationsHuiskamer

The vibe is laid back and there is a healthy mix of travelers and digital nomads. There are some tunes playing in the background, commercial but not too mainstream. The natural light is non-existent, which might be a bit problematic for some nomads. However, the StationsHuiskamer found a way to create a perfect blend of a typical Dutch ‘brown’ pub and a study room, which is for other digital nomads very appealing (including myself). After all, the best way to treat yourself after a hard day of work is with a nice cold craft beer, right?

Services at StationsHuiskamer

Which brings me to the menu of the StationsHuiskamer. Fine coffees and teas combined with delicious pies, sweet snacks and sandwiches can be ordered. Also a small but good variety of craft beers, other alcoholic beverages and fingerfood is available to finish up your day. Don’t have enough time to finish your drink or meal on site? All orders are easily made for take-away! Also, the prices are suprisingly low for a place this central and popular.

The StationsHuiskamer is open to all. There is no obligation to order something, so you can just rock up and enjoy the facilities for free for as long as you’d like. The WiFi is open, so you don´t have to go through the hustle of asking and remembering the codes. The WiFi is fast and strong enough to get your work done. So come check it out!

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