South Africa

South Africa for digital nomads

South Africa is a country that once visited, you will never want to leave. It immediately grows on you and makes you fall in love with the place. Its beautiful diverse scenery, interesting and friendly culture and lovely climate keep drawing you back to this country. It will become a piece of your heart, there is no way to fight it.

Not only is South Africa crazy popular for traveling and touring around, it is also considered as one of the best countries for digital nomads to live in. There are innovative new concepts all over the country especially designed for those traveling and working remotely. Digital nomad visas are being introduced, hybrid coworking hotels are set up and the community of digital nomads in South Africa is growing by the day. So when in doubt, just come to South Africa!

Destinations in South Africa for digital nomads

South Africa is HUGE, making it quite a mission to cover the whole country in one go. All cities in South Africa have their own perks and differences, also for digital nomads. For now we started off with the mother city Cape Town. A perfect place to start as a digital nomad!

Cape Town, a.k.a. The Mother City, has now become the mother city for digital nomads. This stunning South African town not only offers white sandy beaches, endless hiking trails, ridiculous views, epic… – Read more

Accommodations for digital nomads in South Africa

Discover our exclusive selection of hostels and hotels in South Africa. All accommodations are carefully handpicked and analyzed. Each lives up to the needs and standards of digital nomads, remote workers and location independents. Places worth visiting while traveling and working remotely.

91 Loop Hostel

91 Loop

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