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Cape Town for digital nomads

Cape Town, a.k.a. The Mother City, has now become the mother city for digital nomads. This stunning South African town not only offers white sandy beaches, endless hiking trails, ridiculous views, epic sunsets and a wild city life, it is now also a digital nomad Walhalla. Cape Town is even ranked as one of the top destinations for remote workers worldwide! One of Way To Nomads favorite places to be, and it’s not without good reasons!

Cartel House Hotel

Accommodation in Cape Town

The number of hotels and hostels in Cape Town is crazy high. From dodgy guesthouses to the most luxurious penthouses by the ocean. We have made an exclusive list of all the accommodations that are digital nomad friendly and meet all your needs while working remotely. And this list is quite spectacular! The hotels breathe digital nomad lifestyle and are all worth checking out if you are looking for a more luxurious stay. The selected hostels in Cape Town all have a very likeminded vibe and offer some facilities that make them stand out, especially for digital nomads.

Cafés in Cape Town

Coffeeshops and cafés can literally be found in every street in Cape Town. And there are many streets. We did the research and found the best places to work from in town for digital nomads. A beautiful selection of cozy, trendy or even steampunk-themed coffee shops. All of them carefully picked with an eye on the location, WiFi connection, overall vibe and many more elements. Check it out right here!

Truth Cape Town
Workshop17 Kloof Street Coworking Space
Coworking at Workshop17

Coworking spaces in Cape Town

In 2010, the first coworking space came to live in Cape Town. After this grand debut, many more were to follow. Now the inner city and all of its suburbs are covered in different coworking spaces. It was quite a mission to make an exclusive list, but obviously we did it. Here you find the perfect list of the best coworking spaces in Cape Town. Because we only want the best for you!


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“…it’s never a dull moment here. These bars and restaurants are great for drinks or dinner with friends, but a lot of them are also perfect to work from during the day!”

"Cape Town came in at number 42 on the list of 50 best places for remote working. “Despite having a few drawbacks, Cape Town boasts an incredibly connected expat and digital nomad scene from all corners of the globe.” (Cape Town Travel)

Accommodation in Cape Town

Discover our carefully selected accommodations in Cape Town right here, recommended by locals and other digital nomads.

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91 Loop

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