Spain for digital nomads

Spain is one of the most beloved countries for digital nomads in Europe. Each area has its own rich culture, delicious food, traditional music and interesting architecture. The climate is very diverse throughout the year, which makes it the perfect destination for both winter and summer. Spain also offers some of the most fascinating landscapes. From the snowy mountains in Granada to the Jurassic park like jungle in Tenerife.

The beautiful and diverse cities in Spain welcome you with open arms and make you never want to leave again. This is definitely a country to discover yourself and take the time for it. You will not be disappointed.

Many might consider The Netherlands to be expensive as a digital nomad to stay for a longer time. However, there is always a way to get around in a new country on a budget. Most of the selected hostels and hotels offer long-term rates and have indoor coworking spaces. For a change of scene while working remotely, try out one of the cafés to work from for free!

Destinations in Spain for digital nomads

The Netherlands is a true digital nomad paradise. Life has been made extremely easy for those traveling and working remotely. The best destinations for digital nomads have been selected. Each with an exclusive list of hostels and hotels that meet all your needs, as well as the best coworking spaces and cafés to work from. Discover them right below and be amazed with what the Dutch have to offer.

Fuerteventura, the Canary Island of the strong (fuerte) wind (ventura) and therefore very much beloved by any kind of watersport fanatics. Since a couple of years, the glorious island Fuerteventura also has become a very popular place for digital nomads. This is because of the… – Read more

Digital Nomad accommodations in Spain

Discover our exclusive selection of hostels and hotels in Spain. All accommodations are carefully handpicked and analyzed. Each lives up to the needs and standards of digital nomads, remote workers and location independents. Places worth visiting while traveling and working remotely.