Fuerteventura for digital nomads

Fuerteventura, the Canary Island of the strong (fuerte) wind (ventura) and therefore very much beloved by any kind of watersport fanatics. Since a couple of years, the glorious island Fuerteventura also has become a very popular place for digital nomads. This is because of the year-round hella good weather, perfect watersport conditions, overall cheap life and many places to have drink and some tapas. The digital nomad community has been epanding quickly, with many coworking spaces and coliving arrangements. An island that takes a few days to get used to, but once you’re settled in, you’ll fall in love.

Accommodation for digital nomads​

Fuerteventura offers numerous accommodations throughout the island. From cheap self-sustained hostels to five-star all-inclusive beach resorts.

Next to this accommodation madness we’ve taken a long hard look and found the coolest places to stay at. All of these gorgeous venues are very digital nomad proof and all deserve a spot on the Way To Nomad website.

Feel like a change of scene, especially when it comes to a working space? There are so many coffee-bars and cool cafés in Amsterdam, that if you want to work every day in  a different place, and even change venues four times a  day, you still didn’t see all the cafés within a year. Sounds a little dizzling? Don’t worry, we’ve selected the coolest coffee-bars and cafés in Amsterdam to work from.

Want to know how we got to this list? Check out ‘The best cafés for digital nomads’.


De Kanarie Club flexplek
De Kanarie Club - Amsterdam
Fuerteventura coworking spaces
Coworking Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is becoming a serious digital nomad destination. Here and there coworking spaces keep popping up at the Canary Island. Some are simple and straight to the point, while others are luxurious and even offer coliving arrangements.

Check out the list of the best coworking spaces at Fuerteventura. This list keeps getting updated, so stay tuned for more cool venues to work from!

'What fascinated me the most about Fuerteventura is how the typical resort tourists and the surfing and traveling community lived so closely but peacefully together in one destination. It’s usually one or the other when you think about it. It really shows how relaxed and comfortable this island is.'

Accommodations in Fuerteventura

Check out our carefully handpicked accommodations in Fuerteventura that are totally digital nomad proof!

Would you like to have your venue listed or is there anything else you’d like to address? Feel free to contact me and I’ll get in touch asap!