Amsterdam Digital Nomad paradise

Amsterdam, is it really a place for digital nomads? Well, it is! Even though this city is considered as being too expensive, it is actually very affordable, especially for remote workers. This is because of its huge amount of coffee bars and cafés that are for free and perfect to spend the day working, as well as its wide range of accommodations throughout the city. Providing a place to stay for people with all kinds of budgets.

The Student Hotel
The Student Hotel - Amsterdam

Accommodation for digital nomads​

Amsterdam holds cool and funky hostels, with indoor co-working spaces that provide all the necessities for digital nomads. Over 75 hostels can be found in Amsterdam, providing a place for everyone. It might be hard to choose, but we have made a selection of the hostels that are perfect for digital nomads!

For those with a slightly larger wallet, there is a great selection of amazing hotels in Amsterdam, that are specifically designed for remote workers and location independent professionals.

All these accommodations share the vibe that travelers fall in love with and are located in superb areas of the Dutch Mother City.

Feel like a change of scene, especially when it comes to a working space? There are so many coffee-bars and cool cafés in Amsterdam, that if you want to work every day in  a different place, and even change venues four times a  day, you still didn’t see all the cafés within a year. Sounds a little dizzling? Don’t worry, we’ve selected the coolest coffee-bars and cafés in Amsterdam to work from.

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De Kanarie Club flexplek
De Kanarie Club - Amsterdam
Co-working spots Amsterdam
BounceSpace - Amsterdam

Amsterdam is incredibly innovative when it comes to co-working spaces. There are numerous of places providing rental desks to work from. Some are simple offices, others are converted old buildings or even office-boats! Find out the best co-working places that we have selected for you, which will most certainly meet your needs. All of these co-working spaces are located very well and are specifically arranged for digital nomads.

Discover our carefully handpicked selection of the best co-working spaces in Amsterdam.

'Amsterdam lives and breathes creativity. One moment you walk into a building from the 17th century, and the next you find yourself in a hub of creative start-up companies'. -Marcel Wanders

Ho(s)tels in Amsterdam

Who knew! That there was such an incredible amount of digital nomad designated hostels and mostly hotels in Amsterdam!
Discover our carefully selected accommodations right here, recommended by locals and other digital nomads, great success!

Ecomama hostel


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