The Student Hotel
Amsterdam City

The Student Hotel - Amsterdam City

The Student Hotel is, as might be misinterpreted, not just for students! It is an innovative hospitality concept that brings together students, travelers and mobile entrepreneurs from around the world to the center of Amsterdam. This hotel combines all the elements necessary to get a good night sleep, stay healthy and get some work done thanks to its complementary TSH Collab project.


The Student Hotel Amsterdam City is located in the Knowledge Mile park, an area that is managed by a business community with a common mission to make Amsterdam more sustainable and innovative. An area that could definitely work as an inspiration for entrepreneurs and remote workers!

The hotel is surrounded by many different bars, restaurants and coffee-bars and only a few minutes-walk from the canals. It is easily accessible by public transport.

WayToNomad proof?

The Student Hotel is designed to be the perfect place for  digital nomads. It has all the elements necessary for a comfortable stay and also get inspired by the diversity of its visitors. Especially the collaboration with TSH Collab makes the hotel stand out from the rest. While staying in the hotel, you will get access to all different TSH Collab co-working spaces in Amsterdam, if you feel like a change of scene.


Why it stands out?

Not only does The Student Hotel have all elements that make a digital nomad life -a lot- easier, its interior and design makes the place feel very luxurious and inspiring to work from. Not to mention the indoor gym that is available to those staying in the hotel. The indoor restaurant and bar facilities provide good quality meals and drinks for friendly prices.

Type of rooms

The Student Hotel provides 6 types of rooms, which are all private rooms. These rooms range from the ‘student’ rooms, to standard double rooms and suites. All the rooms includes the co-working space and gym access.


Are you staying in The Student Hotel? You will get the luxury to change venues to work from. All TSH Collab areas are free to use.

Close to the hotel you can find the lovely area of De Pijp, which is, according to the locals, one of the coolest areas of Amsterdam! Great for a little walk and have a coffee or a beer in one of the lively streets.

Way To Nomad Checklist

A checklist, based on thorough market research on Digital Nomads around the world. Personally checked and verified.

Want to learn more about this research? Check out The System.


The Student Hotel is next to one of the coolest places to stay also part of TSH Collab. A coworking space that is accessible for everyone, but is mainly focussed on digital nomads and start-ups. Desks can be rented for very reasonable prices, but once staying at the hotel this membership will be included. Check out the website for more infomation here.

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