The best coworking spaces

Our selection of coworking spaces

A website like this just screams for a dedication to the best coworking spaces for digital nomads. With coworking spaces, we mean a space or a desk that you can rent for a day, a week or a month and make it your mini-office for that time, no strings attached. These desks are usually called flex desks or hot desks and give you the comfort of any other office, but you are able to change venues whenever you want.


Types of spaces

At these co-working spaces you will usually find other flexworkers and digital nomads working, which gives the place a like-minded vibe. It is also a possibility to rent a fixed desk or office at these coworking spaces, which is mostly the case with local companies. Another option is to rent a meeting space, with all facilities necessary. This could be useful if you want to give a presentation or a meeting with others.


The Thinking Hut
Coworking at The Thinking Hut in Amsterdam
Coworking in Utrecht

WayToNomad proof coworking spaces

We think it’s a great concept! And you’d be surprised how many co-working spaces are available nowadays in every destination. It might be a little hard to find out which ones are the best and which one to choose from huge offer. Well, as usual, we’ve got your back! We have made a selection per destination which are the best coworking spaces available. Just to make your life a little easier as a digital nomad! Let’s see how we chose the venues.


We worked in rather the same way as when we chose the best cafés to work from as a digital nomad. First we looked through all the travel blogs, websites and reviews we’d came across about ‘the best co-working space in’ … . Listing all the options and analyzing the outcomes. After making a selection of the most favored spaces, we’d checked them out to see if it’s really a WayToNomad proof venue.


Natural daylight

Our selection of venues mostly have plenty of daylight. However this is sometimes impossible for some buildings, we always make sure there are at least a few spaces with enough light to work from. As this is usually stimulating to stay productive and concentrated. And it just gives the place a nice atmosphere too!


Coffee and food

Most of our venues have the availability of hot beverages to keep you going and a selection of good and healthy meals. At some places this is even included in the price! Which is always a nice detail.

Furthermore we make sure that most of our selected venues have enough flex-desks, an overall great and stimulating working-vibe, outstanding WiFi and an easily accessible location.


HNK Rotterdam Centrum
Coworking at HNK Rotterdam

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´Coworking is all about community, but I believe the ‘work’ part of coworking should be as attractive as the ‘co’ part.´ - Jerome Chang, founder of the first coworking space in Southern California