Because we understand

The Mission

When translating a mission, try describing your personal mission in life. And then implement this in your business. Only then you will find out which path to follow.


Living as a Digital Nomad or a as a backpacker can be quite overwhelming. You are not on a holiday, you are travelling. And there is a HUGE difference. There are tons of exciting aspects but also some insecurities you have to cope with. And let’s be honest, to get the best experiences is mostly the result of excellent decision making and a hint of luck, like meeting new people, choosing the right kind of transportation, buying the right food, trusting the right people and so on. With so many insecurities in one day, how lovely would it be to have at least one aspect that you can be sure of is right, like the place you are staying at. Let me eliminate this one insecurity, just to make your travels a little more relaxed.

The idea behind this website is to spread the passion and knowledge about the right accommodations, especially for those travelling and working remotely. Therefore, implemented in a missions statement;

– The mission of Way To Nomad is to build a unique online database with an exclusive list of hostels and hotels that meet the needs of digital nomads, remote workers and location independent professionals, which will be used as an online guide to move between different accommodations and cities with the goal to eventually have an own Way To Nomad quality label for accommodations as well as for coworking spaces and cafés to work from. –