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The Story

A business should be based on a passion and a strong enthusiasm, in order to make it worthwhile, fun and interesting to invest all your time and energy in.

Cafés to work from

The story of the founder of Way To Nomad, Chantal van Baalen: “While travelling, it is always a personal mission to find the best hostel possible with the best price-quality rate. I spent hours and hours per destination looking for the perfect place to stay, and I realized that this was something I just loved to do. Looking at all the different types of rooms and facilities, the communal areas and check out every single review. I also even changed venues in the same city, just to see which hostel is the best. After deciding that this had become a weird kind of obsession, I figured that I wanted to share this knowledge. I can imagine that most people don’t want to spend even a small fraction of the time I used to put into finding a suitable hostel, so why not build an overview. One which, in my opinion, shows the best possible accommodations that live up to the needs of … me?

I realized I’d like hostels to have certain facilities, qualities and services. But I couldn’t be the only one that loves these aspects of the hostellife? So I did some (A LOT), of research. And it turns out I am very closely related to the huge and increasing group of digital nomads, remote workers and location independent professionals, in terms of norms and values. And what are the odds that my dream is to become a digital nomad myself!

So, here you go. A very close to perfect, overview of the accommodations worth going to, especially for those travelling and working remotely, carefully handpicked, verified and approved by one that understands your needs. Let me show you the way to nomad. You’re welcome!”

Do you want to learn more about how the hostels are selected and how they are verified? Read more about it in The System.