Because we understand

The System

This is not just a regular travel blog. This is a carefully handpicked collection of one of a kind hostels and hotels that meet all the needs of the modern Digital Nomads.


All of our selected accommodations have, most importantly, a kind of vibe that makes you just want to buy the entire place and make it your home.  However, there is more to it that only a cool vibe. We have put together a checklist that is based on thorough marketresearch and resulted in a highly uncomprehensible rocket-science-like intelligent system, calculating every aspect into a final score, that shows how Digital Nomad-worthy a place is. …Yeah that sounds pretty rad, let’s go with that!

We started by making a list of the top-rated accommodations per destination, according to different resources. Then one-by-one analysing them, and picking out the venues that tick all the boxes required for a digital nomad lifestyle. Eventually the hostels and hotels were picked out that we would actually book ourselves, as a digital nomad, because we have an outstanding talent for choosing the perfect places.

The most important aspects that every accommodation on WayToNomad has, and are essential for a remote working life are:

  • Outstanding WIFI throughout the entire building
  • Dorms / privates with comfortable beds, with sockets and reading lights
  • Availability of private rooms
  • Excellent cleanliness
  • Communal areas with places to work and extra power plugs
  • Availability of a good/healthy breakfast
  • Indoor co-working space/close to co-working space
  • Location, central or secluded
  • Lockers
  • Coffee/tea facilities
  • Towels available
  • Noiseproof

Of course, there is only a handful of places that are that perfect, but you would be surprised of the places that are close to this perfection. The descriptions of each accommodation will explain how every place lives up to the standards of this database.